Of course we are available for visits. Please contact us by e-mail or via the contact form to arrange a viewing appointment. TIP: For a first, comprehensive impression we recommend our 360° tour: https://greenlanders-friends.de/360-g-rundgang/

A room is always billed according to the number of jobs available. The number of jobs per room is fixed and cannot be changed.

For example, a room has three workstations. In order to rent the space, three jobs have to be paid for.

Several rooms or the entire floor can also be rented. You are welcome to contact us here. Special conditions may also be agreed under certain conditions.

Each coworker has access 24 hours a day to the rented workplaces with a key and a key transponderfor the CoWorking Space.

All workplaces in a room must always be booked.

But we are open to individual solutions such as mergers with other people / co-workers in order to book a whole room.

All common areas are cleaned daily. The own cleaning has to be done only in your own rented room.

We offer network cabling as well as fully comprehensive WLAN throughout the Space.

Two independent Internet lines are available to all our users, guaranteeing the highest Internet speeds and eliminating/minimizing downtime:

  1. Internet via fiber optics: standard line high-speed Internet with synchronous fiber optic line. With up to 500 MBit download / 500 MBit upload, the speed is suitable for any purpose.
  2. Internet via cable: Highspeed Internet with up to 1,000 MBit download / 50 MBit upload as a replacement line in case of need, e.g. if the fiber optic Internet fails.

The minimum rental period is one or two months. There is no maximum rental period.

The large meeting room with about 50 m² can be used in coordination with the other users. For this purpose we provide all our users with a booking link; here you can register in advance. For an overview on site, we recommend that you sign up on a notice board before using the room.

We ask for your understanding that the large meeting room is not available for external use, because it is for exclusive use of our internal users / CoWorkers.

It is best to contact us directly!

In our CoWorking Space Greenlander`s Friends, users have the possibility to book their “own” state-of-the-art telephone system from the cloud at low monthly rates. There is a very extensive range of functions & transparent tariffs and it is only charged according to the number of users (from 1 to 100) on a monthly basis by the provider directly with the user. Further advantages are:
– Integration of mobile phones
– Possibility of number porting (to or from this PBX)
– Connection can be terminated at any time on a monthly basis (at the end of the month)
– high security standard of the telephone system through encryption in German Computer center (redundant)

If you are interested, we will gladly provide further information. The cloud telephone system can usually be provided within 10 days.

The “Office Space” is usually a bit larger and the walls are ceiling high (completely closed rooms).

The “Space Office” on the other hand is slightly smaller and the walls are not completely room-high. The rooms are therefore more like “room combs”. As a “compensation”, the users of the “Space Offices” have exclusively the right to make use of the think tanks as places of retreat – in addition, there is the possibility of locking one’s belongings in lockers. Workplaces/ rooms in the “Space Office” are therefore a bit cheaper than workplaces/ rooms in the “Office Space”.

All services (with the exception of think tanks and lockers) are available in both room categories.

The Open Space was a former open space where individual workstations could be booked “at the big table”. In the meantime, the “Open Space” is no longer available. After the conversion of the space, the “Open Space” became the -> “Space Office”.

To a normal extent and as long as other users are not affected, there is nothing to say against external visitors.

No. The CoWorking Space “Greenlander’s Friends” at Petersstrasse 22/ Sporergäßchen 2 is and will remain our only CoWorking Space – a real small but unique one! As a provider, we are therefore also very close to our coworkers and very interested in the well-being of our CoWorkers.

In principle, we are very open to enlargements/extensions of our existing CoWorkers within the CoWorking Space and also treat these preferentially.

Depending on availability, we can also organize our CoWorkers their completely own office / storage space or underground parking spaces in other buildings, also managed by us, in inner-city of Leipzig.

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